How to boost Etsy sales with Youtube videos

How to Boost etsy sales with youtube videos

You might have tried to promote your Etsy shop on different social networks. But have you ever tried to boost Etsy sales with Youtube videos? It works great and after all its free and easy. Lets see how and why you should promote your products on Youtube.

No matter how much I use free promotion, I am not getting enough sales. Do I have to use paid promotions?

I have seen a lot of Etsy sellers asking questions like this. Answer to that is, free promotion is enough to boost your Etsy sales but you have to identify what kind of promotion is suited for your products. There are a lot of promotion tips about free advertising that is available all around the web. Every seller adopts a number of advertising techniques to improve their sales, of which some becomes successful and some not so successful.

Why should you boost Etsy sales with Youtube videos?

Youtube opens a wide area of possibilities for promoting your Etsy shop for free. Youtube is ranked third in overall internet traffic (number of visitors) and has become an integral part of Internet users. Still its vast potential is not utilised by most of the Etsy sellers and is widely underestimated. There are a lot of reasons why you should boost Etsy sales with Youtube videos. But the most important reason is that videos can give you a chance to establish a personal connection with your buyers, a connection that cannot be obtained from a plain image or a long description. Videos have more advantage to photos for gaining trust of the buyers. More they trust you, more the connection between you and your buyers increase along with your Etsy sales.

Videos also provide viewers with a lot of information about your products, that make them get familiar with your products. This leads to the chance of increase in sales. The impact a Youtube video creates on the viewers are strong and immediate which could boost your Etsy sales. Personal connection and the amount of information outweighs the impact of reading the text.

Youtube’s search is the second most popular “search engine” after google. So, you could imagine the immense exposure you could grab for your Etsy shop from Youtube. We have seen a few sellers who took action to boost Etsy sales with Youtube videos. Here is an example of a video made by an Etsy seller posted on Youtube.

The video is a simple  tutorial about how to make a handmade fabric flower. It got more than two million views, and if one percentage of her Youtube visitors visit her shop and buy her product, it would result in more than ten thousand sales. But yeah, the ‘1%’ is too good to be real.

Apart from generating visitors, Youtube videos also give you SEO benefits. The ‘back links’ (the links to your shop) from Youtube are considered important for SEO and would definitely increase SEO rank of your shops. In google search results, Youtube videos have more click through rate due to the thumbnails shown in search result, this drives a lot of traffic. This show how easy it is to boost Etsy sales with Youtube videos which could reach on top of google and grab more users from there.

How to boost Etsy sales with Youtube videos - Google search proof

Search results for “Crochet hat for babies” on Google

All you have to do is create a ‘decent’ video on Youtube about your products and with careful planning of Keywords in title and description. You can learn all about Keyword planning and other SEO techniques in our E-book,A complete guide to SEO for ETSY. Another advantage of Youtube videos are that they can be monetized using ‘Google Adsense’. In simple words, you could make money when people view your videos once you get a lot of viewers. Well, that is a different topic and we are not going to talk about it here.

What kind of videos should I make to boost my etsy sales?

  1. “Behind the scenes” videos

    You might have watched ‘behind the scenes’ videos of some movies or music videos. Similarly, you could make videos on how your products are made. These kind of videos shows the story behind the products, that shows your dedication and work that you put into making these products. That adds value to your product and may raise the viewer’s interest in buying it.

  2. Video tutorials

    You can even make simple video tutorials. For example, if you sell crochet hats, you could make a video tutorial about knitting a particular pattern. These videos attract a lot of viewers interested in crocheting, who might have a look at your shop through the link in the video’s description and might end up buying a product or two from your shop.

  3. Video brochures with testimonials and reviews

    You can also create a video about your shop using the testimonials and reviews from satisfied customers or videos about your products using photographs explaining various features of your products.

Generally Youtube videos are inherently viral and helps to improve the brand awareness. Also considering the value it produces videos are time and cost effective. Since most people tend to watch videos rather than reading text, videos can definitely give you an edge that you need in the highly competitive Etsy world. Youtube has become something that is not to be left out by an Etsy seller. So what are you waiting for just create a video, upload it and share it on your Twitter and Facebook account.

Do you have something to add or some experience to share? Let us know in the comments. We at “Etsy Trainer” are always happy to help you.

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