Grab a bunch of Christmas sales for your Etsy shop


Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. Holidays, winter, family, friends, celebrations, gifts and what more do we need to make the best moments of our life. This christmas, you are gonna be more happy than ever with a bunch of Christmas sales for your Etsy shop.

Why is Christmas season so important for sales on my Etsy shop?

Christmas is also a great season for shopping. People buy gifts, christmas decors, clothing and lot more. The most important of them are personalised gifts for their loved ones. They want those gifts to be unique and attractive to make their loved ones feel special. Etsy is the best place to buy such unique and personalised gifts. There are a lot of people searching for these on Etsy during late November to the beginning of January. Search statistic reports from Google also proves the same. So its a great time to grab a bunch of Christmas sales for your shop.

Its winter and there are a lot of things up for grabs on Etsy to get along the winter especially Crochet hats, sweaters, gloves and a lot more. If a product caters the needs of both Christmas and winter, it could be the best buy for this season. For example, A crochet sweater or scarf with a Christmas quote or Santa on it.

Many Etsy sellers have already taken action to show up to the christmas buyers crowd. A search for “Christmas” on etsy returned over 2 million results. There are gifts, decors, Christmas clothing, cookie cutters and lot more among these 2 million results. Its interesting to know what are people looking for during the Christmas season. That will even give you ideas about what to make specially for this season.

Grab Christmas sales for Etsy shop - Etsy search results for "Christmas"

Etsy search results for “Christmas”

What do people search for during the Christmas season?

You could simply guess what all things people buy during Christmas. But you need to know what exactly do they search for in a marketplace like Etsy and even on search engines like Google.

Simply typing in “christmas” on Etsy’s search box will give you the top searches related to it in the suggestions.

Grab christmas sales for your Etsy shop - Christmas search suggestions by Etsy

Christmas search suggestions by Etsy

Google Keyword research show the popular searches during the last year’s christmas season.

Grab christmas sales for your Etsy shop - christmas search keywords google

These stats show that most of the people look for gifts for their loved ones. Christmas ornaments, christmas decorations stocking stuffers etc are also in high demand. Those are the search stats from United states and Canada only. The average monthly searches are way higher when we take it globally.

You could also use Pinterest to find what people search for and share about Christmas. Pinterest is a great place to discover or find ideas for unique gifts and collectibles. Here is a screenshot of search results for “christmas gifts” on Pinterest. The suggestions on top gives you ideas about what people look for.


I don’t sell anything related to Christmas, can I also grab some Christmas sales?

I guess you might be wondering about it now. The answer is ‘YES’. You could grab some sales too. You just need to make your item useful for this season, may be as a gift, decor, or something else. See the products that came up on the first page of Etsy search results for the term “christmas gift”.

Grab christmas sales ofr your etsy shop - Etsy search results for "Christmas gift"

Etsy search results for “Christmas gift”

If you have a look at these products, you could see that these are not essentially “Christmas stuff”. They are just general items on sale on Etsy for the whole year. But they could be given as gifts for Christmas. That makes them Christmas stuff or a thing of interest for this season. Try it yourself, go to . You’ll definitely see a lot of such items in the results. So, obviously you could grab some Christmas sales for your shop too.

How to show up on Etsy search results for Christmas keywords

You might be wondering, how did these items show up for the search term “christmas gift”? SEO (search engine optimization) is the answer. SEO simply means optimizing your items to make them easily discoverable by Etsy’s search system for a particular search term like “christmas gift”. To learn how to boost your sales for the entire year with SEO, grab our free ebook “The complete guide to SEO for Etsy“. For now, we will see how to do it for this Christmas season. Now pick the items on your shop that could be useful for christmas. To make it easy, think ‘gift’, ‘christmas decor’, ‘christmas food’ and anything that you find useful for Christmas.

First of all, identify the christmas related keywords that people search for which are applicable to your product. For example, if you are selling scarf, you may use “christmas gift”, or more specifically if you sell a t-shirt that says “The best dad ever”, you could use “christmas gift for dad” and even “christmas gift idea” as the keyword. If you sell a painting, you could use both “christmas gift” and “christmas decor” or “christmas decoration”. If you sell a unique t-shirt for men, you could use the keyword “Christmas gift for boyfriend”.

Once you identify the keywords, its time to use it on your listing. We need to use the keyword in the title and tags to get found on search for those keywords. You could use multiple keywords in different tags. Here are the steps to do it.

To show you an example lets take this product from the shop EverythingPrettyShop:


A gift for Dads from the shop ‘EverythingPrettyShop’

Lets use the keywords “Christmas gift for dad” (the main or most specific one), “christmas gift”, “christmas gift idea” and even “christmas present” (synonym for gift).

  1. Go to ‘edit listing’

    Go to your shop and edit the listing you picked. Not sure about how to get to the editing page? Here is an article to help you with:

  2. Edit your title

    Edit your title to add the main keyword. For this example, add “Christmas gift for dad” in the title. Etsy shows around the first 36-40 characters of the listing title on search results. So you have to be sure to describe what your product is within these first 30-40 characters. So, its best to add “Christmas gift for dad” after the main product name. In this example it could be “Keychain gift to dad, christmas gift for dad, I will always be with you by daughter” or something like that.

  3. Edit your tags

    Tags are yet another important factor for SEO for etsy. We have already written an entire article about creating the best tags for Etsy for more sales. Here we have to add both the main keyword/phrase and the others as tags. So, for this example we have to add “Christmas gift dad” (since “Christmas gift for dad” is longer than 20 characters), “christmas gift”, “christmas gift idea” and “christmas present” as tags. If you have already used up all the 13 tags, remove the least specific tags among them to make space for the christmas tags.

  4. Save the changes and renew the listing if possible

    Save the changes you made to the listing. If possible, I mean if you don’t mind affording the little price, renew the listing. Renewing listings seems to help you rank higher in highly crowded search results. Try it out a couple of items and see if it helps. Its definitely worth a try.

  5. Search for the christmas keywords and check your position on search

    Find your position on search for those Christmas keywords we used by searching for them after a while. Keep in mind that it may take some time for the changes to reflect on Etsy search. You could also find more keywords, or even more specific keywords which will have lesser competition and apply them with these exact steps.

If you are editing multiple listings, try using different Christmas keywords for each of them especially in the title to show up on searches for each of those keywords. Using the same keywords for all your listings will not bring all your listings higher on search.

Promoting for Christmas sales for your Etsy shop outside Etsy

There are a lot of places to promote your shop for this Christmas online and offline. Social media is your best bet for promoting online. People love to see great gifts and collectibles relevant to the holiday seasons on their news feeds and they will be more than happy to share them among their friends and would even buy them for their loved ones. Here are a few of the best ways to promote online to boost your sales this Christmas season.

  1. Pinterest

    I have put Pinterest first because it the number one in referring sales to online shops among all the social networks. The ‘purchase intend’ for Pinterest users and way more than those on Facebook, Twitter etc. People use Pinterest to collect the best products they find online and they search there to discover new products to buy. During this festival season, for gifting where uniqueness is the key, people try their best to find the best gifts out there. And obviously, Pinterest is a great place to find them.

    If you have a Pinterest profile(or even a dedicated board) for your shop, pin the Christmas items to the board after editing the item listing to add Christmas keywords as you learned just now. You could even ask your friends to re-pin them to their profile to get more exposure quickly. If you are a member of some group boards(relevant to what you have to share), you could pin there too. There a lot more ways to promote on Pinterest that we have written an entire article about promoting your shop on Pinterest for more sales.

  2. Facebook

    I believe I don’t need to say a lot about ‘why’ you should promote on Facebook. I would rather jump into ‘how’ to promote your Christmas items on Etsy through Facebook.

    1. Share on your Facebook page or profile

      If you have a Facebook page for your Etsy shop (hey, you should definitely have one), share your items there. If not, share them on your personal profile. You could even ask your friends to share them. Christmas gifts are definitely something everyone might be looking for during this season. So whatever exposure you get will help you get more sales.

    2. Use Hashtags while sharing

      Using hashtags will help show up for people searching for those hashtags or those who click on the same hashtags on posts by others. So, find some popular hashtags (that is used in a good number of posts these days) and include them in your posts about the christmas items for sale on your shop. Here are a few quick and important hashtags : #christmasgift, #christmasgifts, #christmasdecor, #christmas, #holidays.
      A quick search for those hashtags brought up some posts by other Etsy sellers like you.


      A facebook post with hashtag #christmasdecor on the Facebook page of Etsy shop “TheVintageGipsy’


    3. Post on relevant Facebook groups

      Posting on relevant groups on Facebook will get you great exposure and finally more sales. There are too many Facebook groups about Christmas and Christmas gifts. And there are a lot more about what you sell. For example if you sell something that makes a great Christmas gift for a Dad, you could post on groups about love for Dad. The Facebook graph search is there to help you. Just search for ‘Groups named “I love my dad”‘ or something like that. Find the groups, join them and post there (only if the group rules allow you to do so). Remember, never spam. Respect the rules of the group and members out there. Post only relevant posts on relevant groups. You gotta add some value to the discussions out there.


      Search results on Facebook for groups about “christmas gifts”

  3. Other product discovery sites like WANELO,, etc

    Product discovery sites like Wanelo, Fancy, etc where people collect and share interesting products from different online shops are a great place to promote your shop. The purchase intend of people on these sites are way higher than those on even Pinterest. People search on these sites to find products to buy which are collected or liked by other people. Wanelo has a huge number of visitors every day, and for the Christmas season, many of them might be looking for gifts, decor and all. If your listing could show up on these searches, you are definitely gonna at least a few sale. A quick search for “Christmas gift” on Wanelo returned more than 15,000 results. It include a lot of products from Etsy. So, just take action now! Create an account on these sites and post your items there.


  4. Youtube

    Youtube is yet another important and easy way to get more visitors to your shop and get a lot of sales. To learn how to boost sales on your Etsy shop with youtube videos, read our article about it here. You could just create simple videos about your Christmas items and upload them to youtube with proper title and tags, with the link to your shop in the video description. Viewers of the video would be interested to buy the product and use the link on the description to reach your shop and that will improve your Christmas sales a lot. You could also share the video on Facebook (along with your shop link). If the video is great enough to be shared along, you will get a lot of viral reach and pretty good sales. Well, I wont suggest putting too much time into this, especially if you don’t have experience in creating a video. But, if you have a lot of time after taking all other steps you learned just now, you could definitely give it a try. For ideas about what videos you could make, read our blog post I just mentioned about the same topic.

How to boost your christmas sales further more!

When people get into the shopping spree, there is something that could make them attracted to your product than the product itself. Guess what! Its DISCOUNTS. People love it. Try to introduce an attractive discount for your Christmas items or your entire shops for this Christmas season. Promote the discount social media like we just discussed now. It will attract more eyeballs and would bring you more sales for this festival season. Remember, it may not work for every shop and every product, but could definitely attract people. So you could try it for a week or so once the Christmas shopping spree starts and see the results. Not sure how to create a coupon/discount code? Here is a guide by Etsy about it:

So, what are you waiting for? Act now and make the most out of this holiday season! Happy selling!

Do you need something more? Or do you have something to add or some experience to share? Let us know in the comments. We at “Etsy Trainer” are always happy to help you.

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