How to create the best tags for Etsy items for more sales and SEO


On Etsy, making your shop and products stand out among the huge crowd is a difficult task. The most important thing is to make your products available in the first few pages of the search results. It doesn’t happen by luck. But its easy if you follow a few steps to optimise your shop and listings. There comes the need for SEO. That is the most efficient way to keep getting more people to view your listings and finally get more sales.

Why is it important to create the best tags for Etsy listings?

Tags are a really important factor for SEO on Etsy. Etsy’s search system uses tags along with title to match listings for a particular search phrase. Choosing the best tags and keyword phrases has a huge impact on SEO for your shop. Just like title, tags should also contain the keyword phrases the users might search for. We have covered how to discover the best keywords/phrases for your listings in our free ebook “The complete guide to SEO for Etsy“. If you haven’t read it yet, do read it because keywords are the building blocks of SEO and a set of tags with poor keywords will do no good for your sales. Etsy allows you to add 13 tags for each listing. Since you could include only one or two keyword phrases in the title, tags are the perfect place to optimise for the other keyword phrases.

Here are a few requirements to create the best tags for Etsy

  1. Each tag should be a complete keyword phrase

    For a listing ‘Green fire opal earring’, I have seen people giving tags like ‘green’, ‘opal’, ‘earring’, ‘fire’, etc. Creating best tags for Etsy - keywordsThis is a wrong way to use tags and will never help you rank higher in searches. This is because each of these tags are common words and hence have higher competition. Moreover each of these tags are incomplete and no one will ever search for ‘fire’, ‘green’ or ‘earring’. Here is a few better tags for this listing : ‘green fire opal earring’ , ‘fire opal earring’, ‘green earring’, ‘opal earring’, ‘green gem earring’, etc. Each of these tags are complete phrases people might search for. So, these tags will help you reach higher on search results when people search for them and thats why it is the first step to creating the best tags for Etsy listings.

  2. Repetition of words

    Repeating words within a single tag is not good and obviously not needed. But you could repeat a particular word across different tags. For example, a listing could have tags like ‘green fire opal earring’ , ‘fire opal earring’,  ‘green earring’, ‘opal earring’, ‘green gem earring’, etc. You might have noticed the word ‘earring’ repeating on all of the tags which is perfectly OK.

  3. Order of individual tags is not important

    All the tags – first, second, third or even the last are treated the same. So there is no such rule that your most specific tag should be the first one. But still, the order of words in a particular tag is important as in the title of the listing.

  4. Include the same keyword phrase in title as a tag too

    Including the same keyword phrase used in the listing title as a tag too has shown really positive results for SEO. So just copy the ‘exact’ keyword phrase to one of the 13 tags. If the keyword phrase doesn’t fit inside the tag, shorten it to the next common phrase(or phrases) people might search for. For example since ‘green fire opal earring’ is more than 20 characters, we could use ‘green fire opal’, ‘fire opal earring’, etc as tags.

  5. Make use of all the 13 tags

    Creating 13 best tags for EtsyThink of the 13 tags as 13 people bringing you sales by promoting your products. Would you ever ask some of them to stop bringing you sales? No! You should do the same with the tags too. Tags help your listing appear on search results for 13 different phrases. I know, you may run out of ideas to create 13 separate tags for each listing. But, don’t worry, I’ll show you how to formulate great tags.

  6. Singular/plural words in tags

    Etsy seems to treat both singular and plural tags as almost the same. So, you could use either of these. But I recommend you to use the one most people might search for. Yes, its hard to assume that more people search for either singular or plural forms of the word. We have covered how to find out what keywords are searched the most in our free ebook “The complete guide to SEO for Etsy”. Once you learn it, you could use the same to determine whether to use singular or plural forms of the keywords.

  7. Choose different keywords for different variations of a particular i t e m .

    Do you sell different variations of a particular product? Great! You could rank for more keyword phrases by using different keyword phrases in the tags of different listings(variations) of the item. You should also use different keyword phrases in the titles of these different variations. For example, if you sell two different shapes of ‘green fire opal earrings’, you could use the phrase ‘green fire opal earrings’ on one listing and ’emerald fire opal earrings’ on the other. So people searching for both ‘green fire opal earrings’ and ’emerald fire opal earrings’ might see your listings in search results and obviously you will get more sales and views. If you have more variations, think of more related keyword phrases and use them in the different listings. But, make sure that the keywords are relevant to your product.

Getting ideas for great tags

You might have already seen that Etsy gives you a few ideas to formulate great tags right on the page where you create a listing.

Creating best tags for Etsy - ideas by etsy

Tag ideas by Etsy

Those are really great ideas to create better tags for etsy listings that help you rank higher in search results, because those would be what people might search for. Here are some example tags for a listing – ‘yellow crochet hat for babies’ inspired by the ideas by Etsy(see the image).

  1. crochet hat for baby (title keyword phrase – repeated trimmed)
  2. hat for baby (who is it for?)
  3. baby hat (who is it for?)
  4. yellow baby hat (color)
  5. crochet baby hat (method)
  6. knitted baby hat (method)
  7. minion baby hat (style & featured)
  8. soft yarn baby hat (material)
  9. despicable baby hat (featured)
  10. minion toddler hat (synonym)
  11. yellow toddler hat (synonym)
  12. crochet toddler hat (synonym)
  13. 13. knitted toddler hat (synonym)

Thats it, we have created 13 different tags for a simple item. Isn’t that interesting? Now here is an exercise for you:

  1. Go to Etsy home page
  2. If you have a few products of your own, then pick one. If not, pick one item from the trending items list.
  3. Go through the item title, description, materials used, etc
  4. Create 13 tags for the item the same way we did just now (without looking into the existing tags for the listing).
  5. Repeat this same exercise for at least 5 items.

Now that you know how to make the best tags for Etsy listings, put it into action. And most importantly ‘TEST IT’. Keep the new tags for a few days (may be a week) and see how it improves your views from search in the shop stats page. Spot the least performing tags and replace them with a new one you believe people may search for. Users’ search behaviour varies from time to time. So you have to keep testing and monitoring your stats to keep the best tags all the time. For example, during a Christmas season, people might search for keywords related to Christmas like “Christmas gift ideas”. If you sell something that is great for a Christmas gift, you could use the keyword phrase “Christmas gift ideas” as a tag for your listing until the Christmas season is over.

This article is a part of our free ebook “The complete guide to SEO for ETSY“. We have also covered how to create the best title and descriptions for your listing in this ebook. Download the ebook and learn the best of SEO for your Etsy shop, and boost your sales like never before.

Do you need to know anything more about tags, or do you have any experience to share? Let us know in the comments.

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One thought on “How to create the best tags for Etsy items for more sales and SEO
  1. Interesting tips. I sell jewellery on Etsy and I din’t get time to make anything on Christmas theme. I was so sad about it and saw too many of the sellers I know and follow have made something for Christmas. But I find your tips interesting. I’m gonna ‘Christmasify’ a few of my existing listings. Great article by the way.
    Thank you

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