How to increase Etsy sales using Pinterest

Pinterest is a place to discover ideas for all your projects and interests, hand-picked by people like you.

In Pinterest you can share and organize all the beautiful things that you find on web. Pinterest is all about Pins and these Pins can be explained as visual bookmarks that can be stored in places called Boards (or simply ‘collections’). Clicking on these pins (images) will take you to the bookmarked webpage.

Why should I use Pinterest to promote my Etsy shop?

Its simple because Pinterest drives more referral traffic than most of the other Social networks including Google Plus and Twitter. Its second only to Facebook in referral traffic. In 2012 Pinterest became the fastest independent site in history to cross 10 million users. Now it has more than 41 million unique monthly visitors as of November, 2014. Pinterest is different from other social media networks. It works on a whole new platform that concentrate only on images. So it goes perfectly hand in hand with Etsy. Pinterest users have more shopping mentality than all the other social media networks. Like Etsians, most of the Pinners are attracted to creativity and uniqueness. Too many people browse Pinterest to discover new products to collect and discover. For example, if you are looking for a unique gifting idea, search on Pinterest and you will find a lot of ideas, inspiration and products to choose from. All you have to do is let the users find your products on Pinterest and drive them to your shop! Your sales will automatically increase.

The most important factor that all Etsians should consider to increase Etsy sales using Pinterest is the long ‘shelf life’ of the Pins (posts or bookmarks on Pinterest). To understand shelf life you have to get an idea about half life of a post. Half life of a post is a point at which the post have received 50% of all the attention it’s going to get. When you post something on Facebook and Twitter it will exist there for a long time, may be forever but the relevancy of these posts will be for just a few hours. After that people stop engaging with these post. Engaging means commenting, liking, tweeting etc. Facebook and Twitter will give you a high initial boost but after one or two days the exposure of those posts drops drastically. According to Piqora, in Pinterest 70% of the clicks happens within the first two days and remaining 30% of the click come all the way through 30 days and beyond. For example, I want to find a “Ruby Red Ring” in Pinterest, when I search for it the first pin shown is from Etsy and is pinned 37 weeks ago. You can check it yourselves at So be patient, even if there is no initial returns like that you receive from Facebook and Twitter, don’t worry, Pins enjoy a long shelf life. You will keep getting visitor to your shop for more than even a year.

Pins from Etsy with long shelf life

Pins from Etsy have long shelf life

What should I do to increase Etsy sales using Pinterest

  1. Create a Business account in Pinterest

    Increase  Etsy Sales using Pinterest Business Page

    Etsy business page

    Pinterest offers business specific account for business purposes. You can start a business account at A business account is just like a normal Pinterest account but represents a business rather than a person. Its just like a Facebook page for your Etsy shop. If you are already using a personal account for business purpose, you can convert that account to business account. Pinterest is also planning to introduce a whole set of new features exclusively for business accounts. They have already introduced Rich pins(explained below) and an Analytic tool. If new tools are introduced they will automatically notify the business accounts. Pinterest also have added tutorial materials for business personal for helping them learn about business by themselves. As an Etsy seller, you are running a real business and a business account is what is best suited for you. After all, its free!

    Product Pins

    A Product Pin

    A product pin

    Product pins are a type of Rich Pins introduced by Pinterest for shopping sites like Etsy. As Pinterest explained “Rich Pins are Pins that include extra information right on the Pin itself”. These extra information in Product Pin is the price and availability of the products. It improves the buying mentality of users. It also increases the click through rate (the ratio of number of people visiting your shop to the number of people viewing the pin). More clicks and visitors means more sales. When we pin directly from Etsy, Pinterest consider those pins as a Product pin. There is also a chance for your Product pins to get featured in Pinterest’s Gift sections.

  2. Choose Creative and Unique Images

    Pinterest is a visual medium and is all about images. The image is what makes a pin stand out and grab attention of the user while browsing through a huge list of pins. The title and description comes next. Images give the first impression to the users which make them decide whether to click it or not. For an Etsian, sales is the most important factor. We want people to click through and buy our product. In order for them to click, the image should be eye-catching and they have to be unique and should be able to stand out from the rest. Its all about increasing the buying mentality of the users, remember Pinners are here to pass time, discover and repin. The right images can also be a powerful branding and marketing tool. That’s why picture-sharing sites like Pinterest and Instagram have been so successful.

  3. Make it ‘Pinteresting’

    Successful Pinners try to tell their stories through each pin. Its their way of creating a personal connection with the users. Pin contents that increase curiosity of an user, pinning interesting content is the faster way of increasing followers. Make interesting and creative names for your boards, make them more clickable. Another important factor for making boards more clickable and attractive are their cover photos (the main image of the board). Make it an eye-catching one to increase the chances for getting followed. Always keep your board fresh with fresh pins and show a clean message with each pin.

  4. Don’t be shy to pin about yourselves and about your shop

    Create a Special board for featuring you and your shop. It will help you establish a personal connection and trust between you and other users. It will also help you create a brand awareness for your shop. You cloud also pin behind the scene photos of making your items. Be yourself in pinning. You can also become a contributor of other boards (group boards) about products or ideas related to your shop. Add value to the community by pinning interesting pins to these boards. People need to come back to your boards frequently, the more they come back more repins and more sales you get.

  5. Promote Holiday products using Pinterest

    A Christmas pin for increasing Etsy sales using Pinterest

    A pin of a Christmas gift on Etsy

    One of the best way to increase Etsy sales using Pinterest is to utilize holiday shopping. Sales increase drastically in almost every field during the Holiday season. We have covered a detailed way to boost  Etsy sales during Christmas season. One of the best way is to do so is to create special boards for seasonal gifts. Just creating a separate board is not enough. Say New Year is getting near, you can create a board with title “Special New Year Gifts”.  You could pin the products specific for a new year but the advantage is that you could also pin already existing products that could be given as a new year gift.  You have to identify what type words people search for like “Special Gift for my Wife”, “Last minute Gift for My Wife”, “Gifts to impress My Husband”. You have to carefully plan the Key words to use in the title and description. Searches during the holidays drive a lot of traffic, so keyword planning is an important factor. We have already covered about how to use Key word Planning and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to boost sales in our e-book “Complete Guide to Etsy SEO“.
    You could also choose the order of boards displayed on your Pinterest profile. Bring the boards relevant to the current season to the top to get them more attention and finally more followers.

  6. Don’t make Pinterest all about you.

    Yes we have to keep a business mind because our final target is sales of our product but don’t make Pinterest all about you. Pinterest is a community! Don’t just self promote, make some genuine contributions also. Pinterest also discourages excessive self promotion. Find people who have interest similar to yours, follow them and their boards and repin their interesting pins to your boards. Also don’t forget to invite them to contribute to your boards, take initiative and communicate with them more. Find the items that have a visual appeal and are consistent with your niche and repin them. This type of repining will help you create more followers and will increase your presence in your niche’s Pinterest community. Keeping a balance between your own pin and repins from others is important for creating more awareness about your brand.

    Also create Group boards that related to your shop. Group boards are Pinterest boards that allow other people to pin to that board. The Group boards have higher chance for getting popular and there will also be an exponential increase in followers and repins from them. Also Try to comment and like on others pins. It will help you to communicate with other Pinners and try to learn from them. Experience you get from such communication is hundred times better than learning from a blog post. But be careful don’t spam the comments, it will create a negative impact on your brand. Also Pinterest will suspend your commenting rights if you are commenting heavily. So comment only where it is necessary. Help others to help you grow because its better to join hands and grow together. Here is an example of Group board which has 7503 pins, 1962 followers and total of 386 contributors.


  7. Pin consistently

    Make pinning a hobby. Consistently pin and repin. Pinning one or two pins daily is better than a huge burst once in a month. It helps to maximize your exposure and engagement. Also try to pin at different times of the day. Pinning a lot a pins at the same time may monopolize a follower’s home screen which is kinda annoying and will definitely reduce your followers count. Make up for the quantity with quality images that you pin.

  8. Make use of SEO and other Social media platforms for Pinterest

    A pinned video tutorial from Youtube pinned in Pinterest

    A pinned video from Youtube

    Take time to set up your account by keeping SEO in mind. Try to use key word rich and eye catching description. Pinterest is already giving you 500 words of freedom for each pin. Don’t try to stuff keywords and try not to look like spamming because descriptions act as the captions for the image that real users would read. Learn about how search works and target your account description, pin description and board names according to it. Make use of the analytic tool Pinterest introduced. Learn from where you are getting views. We have already covered about keyword planning and SEO in our ebook “The Complete Guide to SEO for ETSY“. Also make use of other social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. Link your Facebook and Twitter account with Pinterest account, so that the pins you share on Pinterest could be posted to Facebook and twitter profiles automatically if you need. You can also pin videos. So make use of video sharing sites like Youtube and Vimeo. We have also covered about how to boost your Etsy sales using Youtube videos.

Pinterest is a fast-growing opportunity in social marketing. As Pinterest grows, the opportunities to promote your shop will also improve. Pinterest has become a game changer for Etsy and other online shops. Its a perfect platform for Etsians. What more do you need? Jump in and start pinning. If you need any help with any other marketing strategy in Pinterest or any other social network don’t hesitate to ask. We at EtsyTrainer love to help you.  We also welcome your suggestions and ideas and please let us know what you think in the comment section.

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